Testimonials Page

I didn’t realize how much attack surface we had. After our discussion we were able to develop a plan to fill the security gaps we hadn’t thought of.

--John King

CIO - 3/28/2017

The training was actually entertaining and memorable. I had an email that looked a little funny and we found out it was a scam. It was a good thing I knew what to look for.

-- Leslie Jordan

- 4/23/17

I am at the front desk all day and talk to a lot of different people. Now I know what to say if someone wants some information that I don’t feel comfortable to give.

--Jen Smart

- 6-1-17

I did not realize that our equipment was that out of date, some of the stations weren’t receiving updates for years. It was nice to have someone that could help upgrade equipment and help with any questions.

--Abe Rooney

- 6-1-17

I felt like they were truly trying to help our company.

--Mr. Dean

- 6-8-17

did not realize how good the hackers are getting. It’s nice to be able to at least keep my eye out.

Katie Smith

Learned something new. These guys are pretty good. They seem to have our best interests in mind. Always good reminder

Michael Eastman

I think that the time you spend with these guys will be worth it.

Hunter Andersen