No Rainbow Needed for this Jackpot

No Rainbow Needed for this Jackpot

There is a new trend, no it’s not eating Tide Pods…..It’s called Jackpotting. Jackpotting is where a bad actor has found an ATM that can be hacked.

There are certain models of ATM that are running old Windows Software i.e WindowsXP. This software has many vulnerabilities that have not been patched. The ATM’s are sitting out in the wild just waiting for a bad guy to strike.

They write software that will allow them to take control of the machine and drain it of all available cash….no need for a rainbow here.

They must get in physically, usually through drilling a hole into the machine, then inserting a camera that will allow them to find a USB to insert there malware….Easy as that.

Patching is extremely important. Make sure that patching is a normal monthly practice, this will help prevent easy attacks from the bad guys.


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