The best way to protect my company?

The best way to protect my company?

The most effective and least expensive way to protect your company is to train your employees. Wasatch Security Awareness learns your business. We then assemble a customized training that will raise the security culture of your company. You are only as strong as your weakest link. We help your staff understand the why.

I cannot say it better than Reg Harnish he is the CEO of  GrayCastle Security.

“Your employees are your No. 1 defense against a cyberattack. Likewise, they are also your biggest vulnerability, so the need to effectively educate, train and test them cannot be overstated. Too many companies think an annual cyber training class or stocking up on security technology will protect their organizations. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Effective education changes behavior and true change can’t be accomplished overnight. A regularly scheduled training session should be on the books. While every job title may require specific training, the fundamentals of all training programs should include solid password practices, email and cloud security standards, safe internet browsing, proper social media behavior, and mobile device security measures.

It should also be noted that throwing policies and procedures at employees is not enough. A proper training program teaches the “why.” Why is it important to know what a phishing email looks like? Why is enabling two-factor authentication a necessity? What is the purpose of having secure passwords and a password manager? Driving home the why will help employees understand the big picture and increase the chances of a significant behavioral change

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