Taking a Bite out of Apple

Taking a Bite out of Apple

All my friends that use Apple products have, for a long time said that “I can’t get a virus.”

According to Malwarebytes a security anti-malware company, times and targets are changing.

Hackers are now targeting these devices at an ever increasing rate as of July 2017 up 230%, according to Malwarebytes research.

Malwarebytes also observed that the Mac App Store is flooded with scam-ware. With an increase to continue into 2018. The target now seems to be fake antivirus apps. Apple seems to not have a good grip on this type of malware in their store according to Malwarebytes.

No one is immune. You need to always stay aware. When you think that things are O.K……that’s the time to worry.

You need to always be skeptical and do research before you decide to download anything.

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