Wait... Isn't Fireball a Candy?

Wait... Isn't Fireball a Candy?

This isn’t the big red round hot candy that you could keep around for days. This is the newest threat to come out. For now it has infected 250,000,000 PC’s and looks like India could be the worst hit. This is a malware/adware that can take over a browser and run a code to download, or manipulate web traffic that will increase ad-revenue for the company behind the whole attack.  This can even install additional plug-ins and configurations to increase its advertisements.

The malware is from a company in China called Rafotech. They are a big marketing company in China. The adware will take over your browser and replace it with a fake one. This is another serious infection because it can execute any sort of malicious code.

Checkpoint is a company that is keeping good track of what is going on. They say that this adware is downloaded via other freeware applications available on the internet.  So be careful.

Wasatch Security Awareness can help your employees be vigilant.

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