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Cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, CIS, NICE, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, HITRUST, PCI and CMMC recommend or require end user security training at least yearly to maintain compliance initiatives as well as cyber insurance requirements.

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INDUSTRIES SERVED: Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Real Estate, Government, Education, Accommodation, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Mortgage, Retail, and IT.

Tested and trained

Employees are the biggest target and best defense against a cyber-attack.

74% of breaches involve a human element.

Do companies you do business with test and train their employees?

Step 1: collaborate

We work with Management and Internal or External IT support teams to create a customized cybersecurity training plan for your company. We don't address hardware and software; we focus solely on HI (Human Intelligence).

Step 2: Phishing Test

Hackers utilize email. Together, we create a customized email test (spear phish) that mimics the same techniques used by cybercriminals. This test becomes a powerful teacher in helping your staff understand their crucial role in protecting your network.

Step 3: Customized Training

After our phishing test is complete, we create a customized cybersecurity training using results from the campaign. We also implement NIST and CIS current best practices. In certain industries, we offer continuing education credit. Our trainings are easy to understand, memorable, impactful, and will help you obtain compliance.

Step 4: Learning Management System

Our clients asked, so we built a Learning Management System (LMS). This system is designed to reinforce principles from the live training, and affords your staff on-demand access to our up-to-date video trainings (4-8 min). Excellent for onboarding and compliance.


Years Experience


Knowing is Key

Knowledge is power in keeping your professional and personal life safe. Passion helps us create entertaining, understandable, memorable, and up-to-date training content. All trainers possess a current CompTIA Security+ certification. According to the latest ‘Cost of a Data Breach Report’ from IBM, Security Awareness Training is the second most impactful cost mitigator in a breach (reducing the cost of a data breach by an average $232,867)!

You can have the best technology in the world and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the best new shiny firewalls and intrusion detection systems… and if I can just call, not even phish with an email, if I can just call one person inside that company on the telephone, and convince them to do something on their computer, I bypass all that technology.

                                  Kevin Mitnik

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We are grateful for our many clients.

Wasatch Security Awareness does a wonderful job educating companies on Cyber Security. The training that they provide is both fun and educational. Working for a local MSP, I see the need for every company to protect themselves by educating their end users on the threats that they can face on a daily basis. I've had well over 30 of these trainings performed for my clients and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback afterwards. I highly recommend getting in touch with Matt to get the process started so you can see the benefits of adding this training as a much needed layer of security to your business.

As a Managed Service Provider, we know how critical it is for our clients' employees to be trained on the threats of email phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering. Wasatch Security Awareness does the training for all of our clients, and they do a fantastic job! We receive nothing but raving reviews about their professionalism, knowledge base, and ability to keep audiences engaged. I would highly recommend training from WSA to anyone!!


Your staff will learn a ton from WSA, and it will STICK. Matt has provided top quality group training sessions several times for our company, as well and for hundreds of our clients' staff in nearly every industry - medical clinics, architecture, construction, engineering, title, manufacturing, software developers, utility, schools, insurance and other industries. He knows how to turn a boring subject into an interesting one. Fantastic content, pacing, delivery, interaction, you name it... easily the top 10% of trainers no matter the subject.

Matt came to our office for an email security training. It was very informative and he had a great sense of humor. I would definitely recommend taking training through this company.

Matt is an amazing trainer. He is very skilled at being entertaining as well as educational. This is a training that really sticks and has real take-aways for anyone attending. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to improve their security and understanding. He will also individualize the training to fit your company's needs.

I learned so much in my class, it was explained in a way that I understood and was able to help teach my family what to do and look out for. Definitely schedule a time to have him come train your staff.

How often should I test and train my employees?

It's recommended to test and train your staff members at least once a year.

Can you just phish my staff (without a training session)?

Yes, we can set up a phishing test for you any time (although it is highly encouraged to accompany the test with a training course... so your staff has a better understanding of the current threat landscape and how to respond accordingly.)

Do you prefer live (in-person) or recorded training?

Training your staff in-person is much more impactful than over the Internet, however we can also stream our live trainings so all can attend.

Will your training fulfill my compliance and/or cyber insurance requirements?

Yes! Talk to us about your compliance/insurance needs for further details.

Can you provide personal training sessions (i.e. for families or other events)?

Yes; reach out to us for further details.

How many classes do you offer?

We currently offer four classes, each with a distinct topic that can be customized to fit your organization's needs. We continuously add new content to our lineup to align with the emerging threat landscape across the globe.

Can I obtain continuing education credit?

Yes, in certain industries such as Legal, we can offer CLE credit (with more industries being added soon). There may be an added surcharge (speak with us for further details).

Can you penetration test my network?

We have the ability to test your internal network, helping you identify existing vulnerabilities (with instructions on how to patch). This is an important service to find (and fix) weaknesses in your infrastructure and applications before they are exploited by attackers.

Can you work with my internal IT team?

Yes! We can provide valuable security training and insight to your existing IT staff.

Do you work with Managed Service Providers?

Yes, we work with many MSPs. Call us for further details.

How do you charge?

We typically charge on employee/staff headcount. Reach out to us for a customized quote.

How do I contact you?

Send us an email at or call us at 801-900-3983. Follow the prompts from there and we'll connect with you ASAP.

What industries do you serve?

If your industry uses the Internet, we are a direct fit for your organization.

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Our headquarters are based in Utah, although our training can reach any organization across the globe.

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