How much will this customized training cost?

Well of course we feel that cyber security training is priceless.

It all starts with a security consultation.

Based upon our consultation we learn your business ( talk about cyber security strengths and weaknesses) and put together a customized training. This usually involves your IT guys and management. Please have your IT department or your Managed Service Provider reach out for more information

We then educate/train your staff.

We will work with you on the cost. Please contact us and see how truly priceless and affordable our training is.

We hope to be back to help protect your business for future training and education.

How many people can attend?

As many employees as you have — our training is for everyone who uses the Internet.

It also will depend on the venue. We will work with you and make sure all your employees are aware.

How often do you recommend training?

This depends on the nature of your business; for those companies dealing with sensitive customer data, we recommend a frequency of at least semi-annually (while others choose to do it quarterly).

Can we count your training as continuing education?

Absolutely; our classes are popular with law firms and accounting firms whose staff members are seeking CLE, CPE, etc.

Can you help advise on policies and procedures?

Yes, we can council you in implementing customized policies that will help safeguard your company, employees, and customers.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

We have all the necessary equipment for the presentation; all that is needed from you at your location is a wall to project on (preferably white), as well as an electrical source of power. We also can use a TV with HDMI connectivity.

Does Wasatch Security Awareness provide any IT support?

Wasatch Security Awareness focuses specifically on end user training; for additional IT needs, our sister company Inbound Computer Solutions can help with most anything you need.  Contact us for more information.

Do you retain any of my company’s data?

Wasatch Security Awareness will not collect any of your company’s private data, aside from end-user e-mail addresses should you choose to engage in the Phishing Education Campaign.  We value the privacy of this data and will sign mutual non-disclosure agreements (NDA) prior to service engagement.

Will you train my new employees?

Absolutely — we can come in and do an individualized new employee orientation to catch them up on company policies and procedures.

What if I already have someone inside my company training my employees?

That’s great — you’re on the right track. We have found that most organizations have a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ individual whose responsibilities include more than just training.   Many times these presentations lack comprehensive content with updated threat information.  As such, it is always good practice to have an additional point of view to help train your employees.  In most cases, we can add to what has already been taught to help reinforce the core principles of keeping your company data safe.