Tis the Season to be Vigilant

Tis the Season to be Vigilant

We all get busy this time of year. We move from one place to the other. The internet makes this movement easy. We can jump from website to website to find the best deals. Bad actors realize this is a perfect time of year to strike.

It is always a good idea to be vigilant no matter what time of year it is. We tend to be a little less on our toes this time of year. The bad guys know this as well.

Always double check links, attachments, websites, and be careful what will come across your mobile phones as well.

If you get a gift this year that connects to the internet, make sure you change the default password. Give yourself a gift and make sure all of your software is up to date with the latest security patches.

Doing all of this will help make the holidays a little more enjoyable.


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