Small Business, Big Target

Small Business, Big Target

I hear all the time from small business owners and managers,  “we are too small to be a target.”

If you use the internet for your business, you are a target, especially a small business. It is this thinking of “I’m too small” that gets your business in trouble. This type of attitude permeates to all employees. This lack of security culture will catch up and possibly wipe out your business.

I have seen employees with harmless intentions click on links, enter credentials, and send out wire transfers, all which have cost small business hundreds of thousand of dollars. Some have not been able to recover, and have closed there doors.

Times have changed.

Security Awareness needs to be a culture from the top down.

Employee must be trained with the tools that will help them know how to protect your business. Social engineering is a popular method. If you don’t know what social engineering is…’s time.



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