It's Vacation Time....Don't forget this...

It's Vacation Time....Don't forget this...

It’s that time of year when you most likely have your vacation planned.  Everyone looks forward to the time when they get to forget about life.  Most of the time while on vacation your guards are let down. You are likely to spend more money, it’s time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. A vacation should be a totally different mind set. That’s all about being on vacation.

Keep in mind that attackers also know that your guards are down.  The following are a few rules to remember.

  1. Use cash where possible
  2. Don’t post on social media….until you get home.
  3. Store anything valuable out of site.
  4. Free hotel Wi-Fi can be an easy way in for an attacker. (never save your password in the browser)
  5. If business requires you to log in while on vacation…..use a VPN to protect yourself.
  6. Protect your Personally Identifiable Information.
  7. Always try and use SPF 50 or higher

Stay safe out there.


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