The "Hover"

The "Hover"

Hovering over a link before you click on it is a great practice. However, someone has found out a way that a hover can activate a script to download — and they are using Microsoft PowerPoint as the vehicle.

This applies to the older software versions (i.e. 2007 and below) which will automatically download; the newer versions (2010 and above) will give you a warning before the download begins and if don’t download, you should be OK.

As you hover over links, older PowerPoint versions can automatically start running a banking-based trojan.

The target was finance related; subjects in the email would show “Invoice” and your “Order #, along with the attached PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint file had the hyperlink show “Loading…please wait” which contained the malicious script.

“Knowing is Key”

Stay tuned for more……

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